Skyrim more slots

skyrim more slots

More Slots for Enchanting by Thingsolsan Skyrim » Magic - Spells & Enchantments. Added: 22/08/ - AM. Updated: 24/08/ - PM. As the title says all I want is the ability to have more slots for rings, and amulets if skyrim /mod-. report this ad. More Quick Slots and Quick Inventory by Wolfmark The Witcher 3» Inventory. Added: 25/01/ - AM. Updated: 23/10/ - PM.

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Is there a certain build I should follow if I want to be a mage? Hey guys, so recently I built my self a PC and I'm running skyrim on it. If anything does not work let me know. Avalanch07 View Profile View Posts. When you are done playing one character, manually save the gave and start up the latest save for the other character. Contents 1 Overview 2 Skyrim Body parts numbers 2. I'd imagine it would be too difficult and cluttered.



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